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Novarise's product range is outlined below:

Product Description Application

Fibre-grade recycled polypropylene pellets

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  • Made from recycled polypropylene waste materials.
  • Replaces virgin polypropylene and used in the production of polypropylene filament yarn and agricultural twine.

Polypropylene  filament yarn

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  • A type of continuously drawn filament.
  • Polypropylene filament yarn is anti-acidic, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, wear-resistant and non-hygroscopic (that is, not tending to draw moisture from the air) and has a lower density than water.
  • Ranging from 300 denier (D), 450D, 600D or 900D, according to different degrees of fineness of the yarn.
  • Consumer use: such as belts and fabric for bags.
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  • Industrial use: such as safety nets.
  • Agricultural use: such as fishing nets, and shelter material.
  • Construction use: such as construction fibre to be mixed with concrete.

Polypropylene consumer webbing products

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  • Includes polypropylene straps and ropes.
  • Made from polypropylene filament yarn.
  • Used for straps and edging on bags, and edging on beach chairs and tents.
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Agricultural twine

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  • Made from fibre-grade recycled polypropylene pellets to make polypropylene split fibres that are twisted to produce agricultural twine.
  • Used in the agricultural industry, for example on grape vines.


Filament Yarn

The Company plans to expand its range of polypropylene consumer webbing products to include green shopping bags, also made from recycled polypropylene filament yarn.